The MICASH Fitness Journey

Hi I’m Michael Ashanti founder of MICASH Fitness welcome to my website.
The mind and body are inextricably linked and how you look after your body has an incredibly powerful effect on your mental well being, confidence and happiness
I was overwhelmed by feelings of low self esteem due to not being happy with my own body so I made a conscious decision that I was going to do something about it!
Over the last year I took my fitness regime to another level and devised a training program and meal plan to lose body fat and gain muscular definition.
I successfully lost four stones in weight and managed to achieve a ‘game changing’ body transformation plus realised a lifetime dream of competing in the UKBFF Masters Physique in July 2019, I then competed in the UKBFF British Championship Qualifiers in September and I was placed runner-up and third respectively and invited to compete at the UKBFF British Championship Finals.
Having undergone a total body transformation myself I now have a personal understanding of the challenges, concerns and questions you may have with regards to accomplishing your aspirations.
My goals are to continue competing in UKBFF Masters Physique in 2020 and apply my knowledge and experiences to impact positively and encourage change in people’s lives for the better so individuals can develop healthier lifestyle choices.
My vision is to become the leading health and fitness influencer in the UK sharing my passion for exercise, food and nutrition as well as spreading positivity to others inspired into achieving their goals.


1-1 Personal Training

I offer comprehensive training plans for beginners and intermediates which will establish the foundations for your training regime and progression towards your overall goals.

Group Training

Online Training Programs

Online Personal Training Programs cannot succeed without individual online coaching. I focus on providing the best experience with my 24 x 7 support, interaction and feedback designed to help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Meal Plans

I believe that meal plans are key to actually achieving and sustaining your overall goals, in fact would go as far as to say that it is the most effective method in the fitness toolbox and accounts for 80% of your success!

Mondays 6pm Ravenshead Village Hall & Fridays 6pm Eagles Nest Community Centre

Start Your Bootcamp Journey !

Our Bootcamps are an opportunity to join in, get fit, and have fun. 

We’d love to invite you to one of our sessions.

From Novice to Intermediate level, everyone is welcome, so come and join us.

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Whether you’re seeking a free bootcamp trial, personal training or to express an interest for future upcoming events such as Strongman and same sex or mixed team Crossfit competitions.