I started my working life as a bricklayer before completing a degree in Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management at Nottingham Trent University; I left my career as QS to take care of my mother, who was diagnosed with MND in 2013.

I always had a keen interest in bodybuilding and soon dedicated every spare minute I had to working out training twice a day, I would start my day with my first training session at 03:30am and go back to the gym at 18:30 for my second session every day, as a way to improve my low self esteem due to the condition of my out of shape body and as a form a therapy from the stress of being a full-time carer.

Do one for me”… Was the instruction my mother used to shout out to me before I left to go to the gym, as she too was passionate about fitness and exercise, and with her words still ringing in my head on the drive to the gym it was all the motivation I needed to give it my all!

I took part in a lot of different competitive sports and activities when I was a teenager my drive and determination to push myself to my utmost limits, is the foundation for me setting my goals to work towards when training to compete in the UKBFF Masters Physique, I also love to see changes in my body over time with hard work in the gym and discipline with my meal plans

Competing has contributed so much for me in a relatively short period of time in terms of fitness, confidence, mental health and wellbeing and a sense of achievement. I have made a decision to make a career change and fully focus my energy into my true love and passion for fitness and help inspire others to implement change and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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